Strut Your Stuff Fantasy Photoshoot - 4 Picture Template

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You have heard the saying nobody remembers who comes in second place.  Well, this may be true, but we sure do remember who comes in LAST PLACE.

Humiliate your last-place finisher/(s) with our Strut Your Stuff poster.

Overview – This challenge forces our losers to put their egos aside as they show off that hard-earned fantasy football physique. 

For this punishment, the last place finisher must strip down to only one article of clothing for a humiliating pic.  Each league member that did not make the playoffs will also have to take a picture, but as you move up rankings, the picture gets a little less embarrassing.  Here’s how we suggest organizing your pictures with the loser scale below:

Loser Scale

Last place – show it all by wearing ONLY boxers, a speedo, or a cardboard sign

2nd to last –Strike a sexy pose in a pair of swimming trunks or a dress

3rd to last – Break out an awkward pose with a funny prompt

Almost made the playoffs – Keep it classy with normal attire, but hold a funny sign

Spice it Up – We recommend taking this challenge up to the next level by purchasing a pair of our hilarious boxer briefs.  

Modifications - If your league wants to stick with punishing only the last-place finisher, then check out our one picture template.