Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophy

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Our perpetual fantasy football trophy is a perfect mixture of style and function. It's durable, sleek, and the perfect way to commemorate your victory this season.

Start customizing your league's trophy by adding your favorite design to the front of the trophy.  Both of our design options are laser engraved into the oak base to give you a polished design.

The second layer of our trophy base is designed to hold up to 16 years of league history.  We didn't want to be like the rest of the herd with the same boring nameplates.  So we decided to take our own spin on it with personalized dog tags that allow you to pick your favorite color, design, and even put your mug on it.

We didn't stop there with the personalization options.  Our perpetual base holds two trophy plates on the side of the top layer.  Add a mug shot of each of your league mates or one combined picture that embodies your league.

When we survey league managers to design this trophy, one of the most common complaints we heard was not being able to keep any part of the trophy from year to year.  We solved this problem with removable football toppers.

Each trophy is designed to easily hold a full-size football and tee.  Our footballs are made with high-quality signature leather that allows you to sign and personalize with a custom message.

And finally, when it comes time to pass your coveted trophy to the next winner, you can remove the tee and football topper and keep it forever.  Only the perpetual trophy base is passed on.

NOTE:  This product ONLY includes the perpetual trophy base, but you can purchase our VIP bundle to receive the trophy base, dog tags, trophy plates, and signature football all in one purchase and get 25% off.