If you are going to be rewarded for winning, it’s unfair to think the losers shouldn’t get what they deserve. Wink, wink.

Take your league’s banter to the next level by getting those losers a special trophy/reward to showcase their lack of fantasy football skills. After all what’s better than punishing the worst players in your league and expressing how much you appreciate their failure as a fantasy football player?

To help you in this pursuit we have put together four loser punishment categories:

If you wondering about what to get the “loser” in your fantasy football league, here are a few of the best fantasy football loser ideas to consider.


Remember these ideas are loaded with completely customizable fantasy football loser trophies, awards, prank gifts, punishment ideas, and gear. We wouldn’t want to leave out that personal touch now, would we?

For many of us fantasy football has become more than just a game. An estimated 40 million people in 2020, played fantasy football in North America, according to a CNN report. That makes it the most popular fantasy sport. With so many leagues in existence, it important to get your league’s loser punishment locked up will supplies last. 


Act now to up the competitiveness of your league by implementing one of these hilarious fantasy football loser trophies. With these humiliating options you will make sure each league manager is incentivized to give 100% effort up to the last game of the season.

The Toilet Bowl Awards are a hilarious way to poke fun at your friends for losing. Yeah, the loser punishments are pretty neat too, but the trophies, that’s a forever statement. What fun!