You’ve put in the hard work, done your research, strategized like crazy, picked the right players, and here you stand at the end of it: a League Champ.

We’re proud of you and we’d love to make your fantasy football championship league win even more victorious. We have tons of cool fantasy football trophy ideas that make winning so much more awesome

FFL Champs celebrate your epic season with our full selection of:

Yes, we have knick-knacks for the losers too, but this page is just for you. The Champs.


Our products are for those who take FFL seriously and are produced using the highest quality materials. Fantasy football is not just a sport! It builds teams, friendships, good times, and memories. Why not invest in making those memories last forever?

If you are wondering about the design, look and material of that fantasy football championship trophy that’s destined for you, or want ideas for some cool fantasy football prizes, we’re here to help.

Remember these are all, completely customizable fantasy football winner trophies, awards, gifts, and gear. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! League fanatics, live, eat, and breathe the season. It takes even the most laidback by the shoulders and roars them into life.

In fact, the number of league fanatics continues to grow year over year. To say that FFL Championships have taken the world by storm is an understatement. Statista says that back in 2009 there were 25 million FFL players. This number rose to 45.9 million players in 2019 in just ten years!  Covid-19 may have slowed our ability to get together to celebrate the fantasy season, but it didn't stop the numbers from rising. To say FFL provided a welcome relief at the height of the pandemic is an understatement.  The fantasy sports global market (including Fantasy Football League), is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate - CAGR of over 7% or by USD 6.28 billion during 2020-2024.


As fantasy football continues to grow in popularity it’s time to take your league to the next level. Celebrate the start of a new fantasy football season with Week 17.