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6 Best Fantasy Football Trophies

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I’ve been in plenty of fantasy football leagues and by far the most engaged leagues throughout the season are the ones with hardware on the line... aka a fantasy football trophy.

There’s just something about having a tangible object that you can point to that asserts that you are a SUPERIOR fantasy manager than your league mates.

There are a lot of trophies available for your league, so we've put together some fantasy football trophy ideas to take your end of season celebration to the next level.

Learn about our recommendations for the best perpetual, single-year, specialty, and budget friendly options.

Perpetual vs Single Year Trophies

Perpetual vs
Single Year Trophies

When choosing a trophy for your league, there are two main categories:  perpetual and single year.  Perpetual trophies are built to last several years.

 Single year trophies live up to their name and are designed as a one-time celebration.  Here's some pros of each type: 

Perpetual Benefits

  • Cheaper over the long run
  • Builds comradery

Single Year Benefits

  • Winner gets to keep the trophy
  • Trophy doesn't need to be updated

I personally prefer a perpetual style trophy for my leagues.  It adds some extra spice to the end of the season when the previous champion has to pass on the trophy to the new winner.

Each league is different though so we've included our recommendations on both types.

Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophies

Perpetual Fantasy
Football Trophies

Trophy Smack

Price: $169 - $250
Height: 26" - 56"
# of Years: Up to 19
Weight: 14 to 26lbs

Pros / Cons
  • Tons of customization options
  • Option to switch out toppers
  • Expensive to ship
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It's impossible to talk fantasy football trophies without mentioning Trophy Smack.

Known for their over-the-top trophies this masterpiece comes in at 26 inches tall. It has a stylish design that will definitely make your league mates jealous. Trophy Smack makes it easy to customize from your league plate to the trophy topper.   

fantasy jocks perpetual trophies

Fantasy Jocks

Price: $62 - $125
Height: 16"
# of Years: Up to 24
Weight: 5.5lbs

Pros / Cons
  • Great Price
  • Compact size
  • Limited Options
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Fantasy Jocks created a minimalist trophy that's light and stylish.

It's a trophy that doesn't take up a ton of space at 16" tall and it's not going to overpower a room which your wife/girlfriend will like.

At under 6 pounds and with the ability to personalize up to 24 nameplates, it's easy to ship and will be a cornerstone of your league for years to come.

week 17 perpetual trophies

Trophy Depot

Price: $140
Height: 18"
# of Years: Up to 6
Weight: 7lbs

Pros / Cons
  • Stylish design
  • Lack of customization options
  • Only holds 6 nameplates
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A classic style trophy that is officially licensed by the NFL.  It's an impressive design and lightweight.

My only knock on this trophy is the fact that it only holds up to 6 years of nameplates. 

On the other side, after 6 years of anything it's time for a change. 

Single Year Fantasy Footbal Trophy

Single-Year Fantasy Footbal Trophy

Fantasy Bros

Price: $60
Height: 14.5"
Weight: 3.6lbs

Pros / Cons
  • Great price
  • Option of Silver or Gold
  • No ability to personalize
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Winning this trophy will make you feel like you just won the Super Bowl!  Fantasy Bros put together a Vince Lombardi replica in gold and silver.

This single year trophy doesn't break the bank and it makes for the perfect keepsake to remember your championship season.

It doesn't come with the ability to personalize with the champ's info, but it's prefect for the fantasy football manager that likes a low maintenance solution.

Fantasy Football Decanter Trophy

Fantasy Football Decanter Trophy

FF decanter trophy

Prestige Decanters

Price: $175 - $275
Height: 10" - 14"
# of Years: up to 32
Weight: 6lbs

Pros / Cons
  • Multi use
  • American made (Kentucky)
  • Difficult to ship
  • Basic engraving options
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There are not many trophies out there that actually have a practical use, except for Prestige's Decanters.

This trophy makes it super easy to show off your fantasy success and makes for the perfect keepsake whenever you get your league together.

I wish there was a little more design options for name and league plates, but then again, the simple minimalist design adds to the speak-easy feel.

Budget Friendly Trophies

Fantasy Football Trophies (Budget Friendly)

For those leagues who are not looking to break the bank on a trophy, see our pick for the best option under $25.  It's a simple option that allows you to still have an award, but keeps your end of season payouts high.

Decade Awards

Price: $25
Height: 6.5"
Weight: 1lb

Pros / Cons
  • Compact
  • Free Engraving
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When you're just looking for something small and discrete to celebrate your championship season, this trophy is just what you need.  

It's a simple and cheap fantasy football trophy that allows you to personalize the nameplate for free.

Tips For Your League

Finally, I wanted to leave you with a few tips to consider before purchasing a trophy for your league. I always suggest sticking to the following guidelines:

  • Appoint one person in the league to handle ordering / updating. This can be the commissioner or someone that is good at managing logistics.
  • Collect money for awards before the draft. Everyone is extremely motivated at the beginning of the season, but the need for an awesome fantasy football trophy diminishes drastically after injuries have decimated your team.

FYI this page contains affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

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