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The Best Fantasy Football Belts for 2022

the rock with championship belt

I remember watching the WWE growing up and thinking how cool would it be these guys!

I mean who doesn’t want to deliver a perfectly timed people’s elbow.

One of the great things about fantasy football is it allows us to be creative. 

That’s exactly what you need to do with your league… get creative and add a fantasy football belt to your end of season awards.

To help you in this endeavor we’ve tested out the competition and put together a list of the best belts in the market.

Fantasy Football Belt Options

Before we dive into our favorite belts, we wanted to clear up a few terms to make sure we're on the same page when jumping into the review section.

Types of Plates
fantasy football belt plates

Most belts will come with two to three different types of plates that are mounted onto the belt.

The side plates are a great spot to store your league's history by adding spots for custom engravings.  Some belts will also use this real estate for preset graphics / designs for leagues that do not want to update the trophy each year. 

The main plate is located in the center of the belt and is a great spot to highlight the culture of your league.  Let's look into the different customization options for these plates. 

Customization Options
customizable belts



Customizable plates allow you to design the background image and add your league name.

  • Ultimate customization flexibility
  • More effort to design
  • Most expensive belts
semi-custom belts



Semi-customizable plates allow you to add your league name to a preset background image

  • Ability to personalize for league
  • Simple to design
  • Higher price than standard belts
standard belts



Standard plates are not customizable.  They are the same for each buyer and no customization is required.

  • No design effort needed
  • More affordable
  • Cannot tailor for your league

Our league decided to go with a semi-custom option.  We didn't want to worry about all coming to an agreement on the background for the main name plate, but still wanted to be able to add our league name to make it our own.

Each league is different though so we've included the best options for each type of belt.

Customizable Fantasy Football Belts

Undisputed Belts


Price: $199
Length:  56"
Weight: 3 lbs.

Customization Options
  • Add any image to main and side plates
  • Add league name and tagline
  • Choose belt and plate colors
Pros / Cons
  • 5 customizable plates
  • Ability to add any image or text
  • Doesn't store league history
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Week 17 Take

If you like control then this is the belt for you.  This beauty gives you the option to design the background for all 5 plates.

It gives you even more control by having the ability to add your league's name and a tagline to the main plate.  You can also pick your favorite plate and belt color.

This belt is not designed with a space to add new engravings, so if you would like to update it to store league history you would need to take the side plates to a local engraver.

Semi-customizable Fantasy Football Belts

Single-Year Fantasy Footbal Trophy



Price: $159
Length: 52"
Weight: 6 lbs.

Customization Options
  • Personalize main plate with league name
  • Add up to 12 years of league history
Pros / Cons
  • Stylish design
  • Option of silver or gold
  • Expensive to ship if used as a perpetual belt
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Week 17 Take

TrophySmack did it again with this awesome belt design!  

It has a stylish main plate look and even allows you to add your league name under 'Champion'.  You can also store up to 12 years of league history with engravings on the side plates.

It's a great looking belt that will make your league mates even more envious of your championship season.

Our only knock is it is quite a bit heavier than its competitors (6 lbs.), which makes it costly to ship if used as a perpetual belt and your league is spread out geographically.  

Standard Fantasy Football Belts

Fantasy Football Decanter Trophy

Undisputed Belts


Price: $139
Length: 55"
Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Customization Options
  • No customization options available
Pros / Cons
  • No design / updates needed
  • All medal plates
  • Customizing requires use of local engraver
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Week 17 Take

If you're looking for a simple add to cart option, then this is the belt for you.  

Its main plate is 100% metal and this impressive belt weighs in at around 4 1/2 pounds.

The plug and play solution may be ideal for some leagues, but if you do want to customize I'd advise to look else wear.  The side plates can be engraved, but you will need to find a local trophy shop to help with this task.

Mini Fantasy Football Belts

Fantasy Football Decanter Trophy

Fantasy Jocks


Price: $42
Length: 13"
Weight: 0.4 lbs.

Customization Options
  • No customization options available
Pros / Cons
  • Compact / easy to display
  • Affordable
  • Can't wear like a traditional belt
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Week 17 Take

If you want an authentic looking belt at a fraction of the cost, then you should consider downsizing!

This belt is an exact replica of Fantasy Jock's championship belt, but only measuring at 13".  It's a perfect size to display anywhere.

Even though this belt doesn't offer any customization options, you can pair it with a mini-belt display case that offers a stylish way to display your belt and allows you to personalization up to 3 lines of text on the case.

Budget Friendly Trophies

Cheap Fantasy Football Belts

For those leagues who are not looking to break the bank on a belt, see our pick for the best option under $50.  It's a simple option that allows you to still have an award keep your end of season payouts high.

Party Belts

budget friendly fantasy football trophy

Price: $39
Dimensions: Buckle is 10" high x 12" wide

Customization Options
  • Ability to add league name
  • Can add your own custom design to main plate
Pros / Cons
  • 2 built-in drink holders
  • Multiple customization options
  • Awesome value
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Week 17 Take

When it comes to actually being able to use a belt, this one takes the cake.  This trophy screams "I'm a boss at fantasy football and like to party!

This belt is a super affordable option that allows you to add your league name and even a custom design if you don't like the standard one.  Crazy value for the price!

And the best part of this belt is you can take gameday or your league's next get-together to the next level with two cup / bottle holsters on the side to hold your adult beverage of choice.

How to Hang Your Belt

Finally, one of the most important things to consider once you have an awesome belt for your league is how you will display it.

Our favorite method is to invest in a wall mount.  It's cost effective and lets you show off the belt without distractions. 

We recommend checking out TrophySmack's Championship Belt Hanging Wall Mount.

If you're up for tickling the economy a little more and getting something a little nicer to showcase your belt, then checkout this belt display cabinet box.

It's pricey at around ~$200 per box, but provides a stunning way to showcase your belt.

fantasy fotoball belts hanging

FYI this page contains affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

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