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Fantasy Football Loser Trophy Ideas

Win or lose; you deserve a trophy. Before losing, remember, the game may be fantasy, but the humiliation is oh so real.


Fantasy football is increasing in popularity more than ever before. Since it contains the essence of sports, players take it as seriously as the actual game. While the winner receives all the praises and fantasy football awards, the loser’s fate is punishment-ridden and the utmost disgrace of a fantasy football loser trophy.

We have collected some ideas in this article to help you find the perfect, appalling and embarrassing trophy for losers.

Horse Rear Trophy

Horse rear, horse butt, or horse ass, you can call it anything but this trophy represents one concept, i.e., the last spot. To ridicule the one standing in that final “walk of shame” position, this fantasy football loser trophy is an excellent beginning, or rear end. You can add more to it by customizing the award and adding repulsive comments for the player about their remarkable ineptitude.


Although there is space for writing many names on the trophy, wouldn’t it be hilarious to let the incompetent one keep the shame for his entire life? You can get another one for every new league and every new loser.

The Douchebags Deserve a Douchebag Trophy

The captain must not have chosen the players wisely. Now if he was a visionary, would he even be standing in this place?  Let him suffer all the disgrace that he has earned because of his hand-picked team of douchebags. Present this fantasy football loser trophy with all due insult to the last place holders.


This trophy is made from plastic and yet has a perfect appearance, thanks to a well-built structure. You can pass it on to every new, crap team for years.

“I Suck At Fantasy Football!” Well, You Do!

Yup! We know! And that is why we are awarding you an “I suck at fantasy football T-shirt.”

So we cannot engrave this title on their body, but we surely can make them wear it in public. Take your imagination to the wild side and picture the face of the loser, when you expose his lack of skill in public.


This T-shirt is made with high-quality fabric so that sucker can wear it a lifetime. He will not willingly put it on; but hey you know what winners do? They have the authority to make a demand whenever they wish. After all, there is something called commitment in the world of fantasy football.

Degrade Their Favorite Car with the Perfect License Plate

The entire winning team deserves laughter at least once after the game. Remember, it is your right!

This fantasy football loser trophy is the ultimate disgrace for insipid fools who cannot secure a better place. Let them drive around town with this tail hugging insult. You can find affordable fantasy football license plates with free customization at Week 17. Start thinking up the worst lines for your loser friends. Place an order as soon as you come up with one crazy, blazingly scornful message and we will do the rest.

Stick It on their Butt

Do you know what’s better than having a pool party after winning? Make that loser ass (pun very much intended) bear the title it deserves in the same party. On display. Try Fantasy football loser underwear, and thank us later. They earned it; let them face it!

Bottom Line

Do not limit your insanity while choosing the best fantasy football loser trophy for your unskilled competitors. Go as wild as you can with these ideas. Let everyone know you are the best winning team and that you have what it takes to make fun of the losers.

If you have more ideas, and want them realized. Share them with us. Let’s have fun together.

  • Jun 24, 2021
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