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Fantasy Football Draft Order Ideas: 10 Creative Methods for Your League

For fantasy football players, the fantasy draft order is an important thing to get right. You want to position yourself in a way that will give you the best possible chance of getting your favorite player.

Why leave your league draft's order to chance when you can add some extra suspense to draft day with a little friendly competition.

This article discusses some creative ways for determining your fantasy football draft order so that you can get the pick you really want!

Since some leagues are spread out geographically we've put together both in-person drafts and virtual options.

Feel free to utilize our table of contents below to jump to any topic that catches your eye.

Virtual Ideas for Fantasy Football Draft Order

1.  Bet on Your Favorite Sports Team

2.  Use an Auction Draft

3.  Take the Wonderlic Test

4.  Virtual 100 Yard Dash

5.  Timing of League Dues

In-Person Ideas for Fantasy Football Draft Order

6.  Dave and Buster

7.  Video Game Tournament

8.  Texas Holdem Tournament

9.  Beer Pong Competiton

10. Water Balloons

Adjust Your League Settings

Before diving into a few of our spicy options, the first change you need to make is creating a system that allows league members to choose their draft spot. Most fantasy football apps have a setting that you can select to manually select the draft order so you will want to make sure you have that selected before starting your draft.

Forgetting to make this change can send your league into an uproar when they notice that the draft order is not the same that was decided off-line, so save yourself the headache and make this switch before implementing any of the ideas below.

It's also important to note that winning any of these competitions doesn't mean that the league manager has to draft first. It means they have the option to choose their draft spot. For example, if you won the contest in a twelve-team league you could pick to draft in any of the 12 available spots. If you thought there was a serious drop-off after the first four running backs then you would probably want to pick the number four pick.

With that housekeeping item out of the way let's get into the options if your league is drafting virtually.

Virtual Options to Decide Your Draft Order

Bet on Your Favorite Sports Team

bet on sports to decide draft order

One of the best fantasy football draft order options is to mimic a sports betting system. The fantasy league would create its own odds for each spot in the draft by each league member picking their favorite sports team to represent them in the fantasy football draft.

A few possibilities are:

  • Chose a major golf tourney and have everyone select a golfer. How each golfer places will determine the draft order
  • Everyone is assigned a baseball team playing a week before the draft. Most runs determine the draft order.
  • Pick a Nascar race before the draft and have everyone choose a driver.
  • Have your league members pony up and each pick a horse to represent them in the Kentucky Derby.
  • Add some extra suspense to March Madness by allowing your bracket to do the talking for you. Determine your fantasy football draft order by your rank in the brackets.
  • Add some extra suspense to the National Spelling Bee by picking a kid to carry your fantasy team to the ideal pick.

As you can see, this option is pretty open with what sport you pick. Feel free to use these suggestions or leave it up to your league to pick a particular sport or event that the majority of the group is most excited about.

Utilize a Fantasy Football Auction Draft

This is one of my favorite options because it takes chance completely out of your draft position. With an auction draft, each league member is giving an initial budget that they can use to bid on their favorite players.

Using an auction format, you can make sure you get your favorite players without worrying about what draft position you are given.

For anyone new to auction drafts I'd recommend trying out a few mock drafts before the main event. You can also check out this article on tips for nailing your auction draft.

Take the Wonderlic Test

With football being a game of athleticism why not mix it up by putting letting your brain do the talking. Add some extra flair to your event by making everyone take the NFL's Wonderlic test and setting your draft order based on the highest scores.

This test takes roughly 12 minutes to complete. To do well, you need to have A) good reading comprehension skills and B) math skills.

The Wonderlic consists of 50 questions that are arranged in five sets with each set corresponding to one general job skill: verbal aptitude (English), quantitative reasoning, mechanical comprehension (tools ), short-term memory (information), and spatial relations.

To score well, you need to have a high number of correct answers in the most difficult section: quantitative reasoning. This is where your math skills will come into play because it's all about how fast you can solve problems using numbers rather than words or pictures.

Here's a link to a free resource you can use to conduct the test:

Wonderlic Test

Virtual 100 Yard Dash

Another option for deciding your order is to create a virtual 100-yard dash. We stumbled across this site that makes it super easy to set up and execute.

Link to Virtual 100 Yard Dash

Simply add the number of league member and their names and hit play to begin.

Live stream this race 30 minutes to an hour before your scheduled draft and get everyone cheering for their horse.

Choose Draft Order based on Payment of League Dues

For all my commissioners out there, you know how frustrating it can be to constantly hound your league members for their league dues. One method to get around this issue is to determine your draft order by when you receive your league dues.

Under this approach, you can help light a fire under the habitually late managers to get their dues in time.

In-Person Draft Parties

One thing I'm excited about in a post-pandemic world is getting to get the gang back together for in-person drafts.

For those leagues that are able to meet in person, we've put together five of our favorite recommendations to up the banter during your draft party.

Dave and Busters

Fantasy football, in general, is a sport that takes us back to our younger days as we assemble imaginary teams. Why not continue this trend by taking your league back to the old-school arcade games.

For this challenge, you can have the league meet at Dave & Buster's and allow each member to get $20 worth of credit to play games that give out tickets. Whoever has the most tickets gets to pick where they want to draft. And the manager with the next highest ticket picks and so on. If it’s a tie then maybe one game of the basketball or skeet ball decides the tiebreaker.

Video Game Tournament

Xbox tournament for fantasy football draft

Just like the Dave & Buster's idea, organize a tournament of your league's favorite video games. Whoever wins can choose their fantasy draft order for that season.

Some of our suggested games include:

  • A single-elimination madden tournament (make sure to shorten the games a bit)
  • Super Smash Bros - Have each member pick a super smash character and allow all players to be controlled by the computer.
  • Mario Kart - Put the pedal to the metal and race your favorite character to the finish line and your ideal draft spot

Texas Holdem Tournament

Organize a Texas Holdem tournament to determine fantasy draft order. It's a great way to build the hype of your fantasy draft party by scheduling a poker night a few weeks before.

It's always fun to throw a few dollars on the line for a poker night, but add some extra suspense by adding your draft order to the game. Getting an extra edge on your fantasy football league will make that sticking to that bluff just a little harder but by getting a few Fantasy Football Tips would definitely help you get stronger!

Beer Pong Competiton

If you're really adventurous, put your fantasy draft order at stake in one of man's oldest games: Beer Pong

Either create a single-elimination tournament or set up a cup for each position and let each owner shoot for their draft position.

Water Balloons

This is a fun idea where your league gets to show off their baseball pitch. Randomly put a draft order number for each manager in a separate water balloon. Then allow your league members to take turns throwing water balloons at each other and finding out their draft position with an extra splash.


To really set your draft apart from the rest, you may want to consider using some of these fantasy football draft order ideas. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy this time with friends.

Whether you’re drafting in person at someone's house or online through an app like Fantasy Football League Live, we hope our 10 suggestions for how to spice up your order can give you some creative ideas for making sure everyone remembers your league forever.

Also, if you're looking for ways to make your fantasy football draft party epic, then check out our recent blog post for a few ideas.

And of course, if you are truly looking for a way to make sure everyone remembers your league forever then check out our lineup of fantasy football trophies and fantasy football championship belts.

Week 17 offers the most personalization options that allow you to create a customized reward package for your league. We also have the most humiliating loser punishments that will leave all but one of your league members cracking up at the end of the fantasy football season.

Which idea do you think will make this year's draft stand out from all others? Let us know in the comments below.

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