End Your Season with Week 17

5 Fantasy Football Punishments That Will Leave You Speechless

You’ve heard the expression that ‘nobody remembers the guy who finished second’.  While this may be true, we’re wanting to make sure that everyone remembers who came in LAST PLACE.

We’re launching a new series that highlights the top five most epic fantasy football punishments.  These punishments are designed to get the banter going, but will not leave you scarred for your life or needing to be bailed out of jail.

One thing we enjoy at Week 17 is spreading the humiliation around.  After all, most leagues are setup to have multiple prizes for your winners (first place, second place, regular season champ), but only have one punishment for last place.  If you didn’t make the playoffs, we think you should be in danger of being heckled or mocked.

All of our top five punishments are designed to scale in severity.  The last place finisher will receive the most intense punishment and the punishments will slowly be less intense as you get closer to a playoff contender.

Top 5 Fantasy Football Punishments

Top 5 Fantasy Football Punishments

Without further ado, here's a list of the punishments:

1) Strut Your Stuff – Fantasy Photoshoot

2) Fun Run Race for the Cure of Losing

3) Fantasy Ball-der-dash

4) End Zone Divas – Flag Football

5) Do You Even Lift?  NFL Combine Challenge

Strut Your Stuff – Fantasy Photoshoot

Strut Your Stuff Overview

This challenge forces our losers to put their egos aside as they show off that hard earned fantasy football physique.

For this punishment, the last place finisher must strip down to only one article of clothing for a humiliating pic.  Each league member that did not make the playoffs will also have to take a picture, but as you move up rankings, the picture gets a little less embarrassing.  Here’s how we suggest organizing your pictures with the loser scale below:

Strut Your Stuff Loser Scale

Strut Your Stuff Loser Scale

How to Spice It Up

We recommend taking this challenge up to the next level by purchasing a pair of our I Suck at Fantasy boxer-briefs.  If you think the front is funny just wait unitl you see skid stain in the back.  It's bound to make your league laugh till they cry.

We also found a few additional outfits that will make the pictures more hilarious.


Funny Disguise Glasses

You can also check out our personalized loser posters that allow you easily upload all of your photos and pick out your favorite banner. 

Ideal Leagues

This is a great loser punishment for any league that is spread out and doesn’t have an opportunity to meet up in person.  It’s super simple to pull off since you only need each loser to snap a pic and send it to the commish/organizer.


If your league wants to stick with punishing only the last place finisher you can check out our one picture loser poster.

Fun Run Race to Cure Losing

 This challenge provides a flashback to everyone’s favorite show… The Office.

Just like in the fun run office episode, your playoff bound league mates will get to skip the 5K and take a taxi straight to the finish line.  Our losers however will have the feat of completing a 5K in a set of clothes they wouldn’t dream of wearing.

We recommend making the last place finisher race in something absolutely ridiculous (like a tutu) and scaling the humiliation of the outfits by the league finish.  For those that barely missed the playoffs they would be able to complete the race in normal gear.

Fun Run Loser Scale

Loser Scale for Fun Run

Last Place – Tutu

Second to last – pink tee

3rd to last – Funny T-shirt

Almost made the playoffs – normal attire

How to Spice It Up

Here’s a few examples of shameful costumes that caught our eye.


Loser T-shirt

Also, we have a hilarious pink tee that we would recommend for the second to last finisher.  Remember that our tees come in women sizes.  Make sure you size down so they are good and tight.

Ideal Leagues

This is a great challenge for any league that’s able to meet in person and the majority of the league members have decent knees.


You can always make this challenge more extreme by lengthening to a half marathon or if your league is crazy enough you can go for the full marathon.

Fantasy Ball-der-dash

Just because you can dodge a wrench doesn’t mean that you don’t suck at fantasy football!

This challenge forces the fantasy losers into a game of extreme dodgeball.  In the first round the overall loser will be all by themselves as the rest of the league hurls dodge balls at them for two minutes.  After that round is complete the second to last place finisher will get to join in the punishment and the first and last place will be plummeted with dodge balls for an additional two minutes.  This process continues with one new addition by round until each player that did not make the playoffs has been added.

Spice it Up

Studies show that it’s more entertaining to smack your buddy in the face when he is wearing a hilarious outfit.  Make your losers rock one of the outfits below:

Gone For A Run Tutu

Pink Tee

We also recommend leaving a mark with these sturdy dodge balls:

Dodge Balls

Ideal Leagues

With this challenge you will not have to worry about weather if you can get access to a gym.  Ideal for leagues that can meet in person.


If you’d rather improve your golf game then potentially throw out your shoulder, you can sub out the dodgeballs for soft golf balls.  You can also rent some paintball equipment and really have your buddies running for their lives.

End Zone Divas – Flag Football

What better way to end the fantasy football season then to get outside and toss the pigskin around as a league.  We suggest adding two twist to your game to make it more interesting.

1) The last and second to last place finishers will be forced to advertise their own misery as they have to work the block in some skippy outfits to advertise the big game.  It’s usually advised to make them suffer for at least 30 minutes.

Working block

2)  After the advertising for the game is complete, it’s time to dust off the cleats and getting out there and playing.  Off course the losers will need to have on an outfit when they play.  In a twelve person league you can split up the teams by having the six playoff teams square off against the six managers that didn't make the postseason.

How to Spice It Up

We love requiring the last and second to last place finishers to rock a tutu or go with just a carboard sign while working the block. 

And if you want to make this game look official, order some jerseys to make the game look legit.

We also have an official championship ball that you can use to showcase your big win and you can also check out our recommended flag football gear:

Championship Balls

Flag Football Equipment

Ideal Leagues

 Current / Former athletes that enjoy playing the game.


For leagues that want to take it to the extreme you can always lose the flags and upgrade to tackle football.

Do You Even Lift?  NFL Combine Challenge

Our last place finishers may have lost most of their pride during the fantasy season, but this challenge allows them to potentially gain some of that back.  Or this punishment may cause its participants to lose the remaining self-esteem they have left under this physically grueling challenge.

In this challenge the losers will have to complete a series of NFL combine test, all while wearing a humiliating outfit that is picked out by the winner.  This challenge will be completed by all participants that did not qualify for playoffs, but the degree of outfit is determined by your fantasy finish (see loser scale below).  The standard combine challenge will include the following test:

Loser Scale

40 – yard dash (of course a classic)

Bench Press with 225lbs (imagine the looks your friends will get when they wear a tutu to the gym)

Vertical Jump

60-yard shuttle

How To Spice it Up

Of course, every challenge is better with a humiliating outfit, so feel free to reference some of the hilaroius outfits found throughout this article.

We also recommend commentating this historic day by creating a poster to capture the stats of each of your participants

Ideal Leagues

Perfect for leagues with current / former athletes.  This punishment will also work for leagues that are not able to meet in person.  Just make sure to require the losers to record each challenge for verification.


Feel free to scale down certain events if needed.  For instance, some participants may need to rep less than 225lbs on the bench press.


Hope you enjoyed checking out a few of our loser punishments ideas.  These ideas should get your juices following and we encourage each league to implement some sort of loser punishment to make sure each league member stays motivated throughout the entire fantasy football season.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of these fantasy football punishments.  We're alwasy looking to promote great banter so make sure if your league implements any of these ideas to send us your pictures at info@weekseventeen.com.


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