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12 Reasons to Start Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a great way to stay involved with your favorite NFL team. It's also a lot of fun! To play, you need to start or join a league and draft players for that team. You get points based on the player's real-life stats in games that week. In this article, we'll go over a dozen reasons why you should start playing fantasy football now! However, one of the biggest motivation to give you a head start is Fantasy Football Championship Trophy itself.

It's a Great Way to Learn About Football

If you have ever been stuck in a conversion with a few NFL fanatics you can get lost quickly when they start talking about their favorite teams and players. You will soon find out though as you become an experienced fantasy football veteran that you will quickly learn a little bit about every NFL team and their players.

So no matter who you are talking to about their favorite NFL team you will be able to hold your own in the conversion.

It's an Easy Way to Stay in Touch With Your Friends

It's a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family, especially if you're all living near or far from each other.

I play in a league with my college friends and it's the glue that keeps us together. I spend most of the offseason not hearing from other league mates, but come August we pick right back up with the banter.

Plus in the offseason, our league enjoys picking on the loser of the league. We go back and forth trying to think of the best fantasy football punishments.

Fantasy football is also a great way to make new friends.

I've met so many people through being in the same fantasy football league that I would have never met otherwise. It's a great way to break the ice and make connections with new friends.

You Get To Root for More Teams!

In fantasy football, you get an opportunity to root for your players alongside all of their diehard fans too! There are no allegiances in fantasy football which is one thing I love about playing this game: anyone can win and any player on your roster could come up big when they least expect it. This also leads me nicely onto my next point...

You'll Stay More Involved With Your Favorite NFL Team

The NFL is a thriving industry that relies on its fans to keep the wheels turning. If you're not paying attention during football season, it's easy for your favorite team and players to feel like they don't need you as their fan anymore.

But when you play in a fantasy league, there's no excuse for missing any game because your friends are counting on you! You'll still be able to see what happened without watching every single televised game of the regular season.

This will help make sure that nothing gets past your radar: from an injury report or trade rumors before it becomes public knowledge. Not only do these teams depend on us but I also think we owe them our dedication!

Fantasy Football Gives You a Reason to Watch Bad Football Teams

Being in Houston Texas it can be difficult to find the motivation to turn on the TV and watch a Texans game this year. However, the great thing about bad NFL defenses is that it results in a lot of fantasy points. I'm not sure if I will own a lot of Houston Texans assets on my fantasy team this year, but I look forward to watching my players rack up the points against the Texan's soft defense.

In fact, some of the best players in NFL history have come from teams that didn't win a lot. And when you're watching one of these games, it can be hard to tell who is going to make something great happen and who's just trudging through their day on national television. But with fantasy football, every player has someone rooting for them: at least you (and your team).

It may not seem like much but I bet some unlikely heroes will emerge this season because they know there are people out there cheering them on!

You Can Earn Money Playing Fantasy Football

Most leagues will collect an initial entry fee at the beginning of the season. The majority of this bounty is usually given to the league champion at the end of the season.

This means that you're able to come away with cash prizes. So it's not just bragging rights in fantasy football, but also cold hard cash on the line!

Throwing a Draft Night Party

Fantasy football draft parties are a great way to share your league with friends and family. You'll enjoy more than just the game, but some food and drinks too!

So if you're looking for something fun to do this fall then I recommend you start fantasizing about which players will be on your roster.

Check out a recent blog we put together on how to optimize your fantasy football draft party.

Working on Your Team Will Make the Game More Fun

It doesn't matter if this is your first time or fifteenth time playing fantasy league - there are always little things about a player or two that never made sense before.

Look for situations where these players have been consistent and help them out when they need some assistance. You'll find yourself having so much more satisfaction from winning than ever before because of all the work you put into it.

Enjoying the Bragging Rights Behind a Fantasy Football Title

If you're a competitive person, fantasy football is the perfect game for you. It's all about who can draft the best team and then go on to win.

This leaves the champion with bragging rights at the season's end but also allows people to make money from their skill in choosing players. Why not give it a try this year?

Fantasy Football Is Less of a Time Commitment Than Other Fantasy Sports

The biggest misconception people have about fantasy football is that it's a time-consuming game. Sure, you may need to spend some time on your team to be successful, but it is significantly less than for some other sports.

Fantasy baseball for instance requires daily adjustments and updates. With fantasy football, every team only plays one game a week so you do not have to determine your lineup by the number of games someone plays.

The truth of the matter is that if you draft wisely and then make trades in order to get players when they're injured or slumping in their performance, then all of this will be done before kickoff

In fact, with many leagues starting as soon as August (and ending during January), there are plenty of opportunities for those who can't commit year-round to keep up with every single detail.

It's Easy to Play Fantasy Football on Your Mobile Device

In a world where technology has seemingly taken over, it's no surprise that fantasy football is available to be played on your mobile device.

If you're reading this article in the office or waiting at the airport then why not take out your phone and start playing? Fantasy Football can now literally go wherever you do!

There are several apps for both Android and Apple devices that make it easy to change players' positions during an injury, trade draft picks if needed, or look up team stats while traveling. This means that you don't have to worry about being caught without internet access because chances are there will be someone else who wants what you have.

Our personal favorite app to use is Sleeper. It's the easiest app to use for all league formats and does an awesome job of integrating current fantasy football news into the platform.

No one likes wasting time looking through paper sheets just so they can enter their roster into another app.

Rocking a Sweet Fantasy Football Trophy or Belt

The only thing more satisfying than winning in fantasy football is actually getting a physical trophy or belt for it. There are some leagues out there that have an impressive-looking championship belt to wear around town when you win.

It also makes the game much more exciting because of all these prizes at stake and this will make your friends want to play too!

We may be biased but think we offer the most creative and fun fantasy football trophies and belts around. With the most personalized options, you can truly make your fantasy football award as unique as your season.

Final Thoughts

Fantasy Football isn't just another sport; It's an experience! With friends, family, and coworkers counting on

I hope by now I've convinced you to give Fantasy Football a try. The time commitment is minimal - just an hour or two once a week - and the payoff could last all year long.

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