Week 17 Frequently Asked Questions

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There are a few other fantasy football award providers out there, but we offer three primary differentiators that make us unique.

1) Unique Fantasy Football Trophy with a Perpetual Base and an Annual Keepsake

Fantasy championships are hard work!  You spend tons of time agonizing over waiver wire pick-ups and making the pivotal trades to guide your team to the fantasy promise land.  All of that hard work is rewarded though when you're able to lift that trophy and show off your fantasy immortality.  

Unfortunately, with most trophies the feeling is only temporary since you only get to keep that coveted prize for one season before you have to pass on the trophy to the next champion, leaving you with nothing to show for your dream season.

That's why we designed our trophies to be a mix of a perpetual type style base topped with a signature football and tee that the league champion gets to keep  each year to remember that epic fantasy season.  

2) We Offer the Most Efficient Process for Managing Your Fantasy Awards

Speaking from experience, I've been a part of many leagues that have a fantasy football trophy, but after a few years the updating of the trophy seems to fall off.  Why? Because it can be time consuming as the commissioner to handle the logistics behind managing your league's trophy. 

Many leagues expect the previous champion to update the trophy, which includes a lengthy trip to your local trophy shop (where is this even at) and they have to pay to get the trophy's engraving updating.  That's the state of most leagues... you have to take a half day off work to get your trophy updated and spend some of that fantasy bounty you collected last year to pay for the updates.

That's why we created our VIP packages that allow you to outsource the logistics to us.  As a commissioner you can order our VIP any time before October 31st and we will take it from there.

When you order one of our packages, we will send you a text and an email at the end of the season that you can forward to the winner and loser of your league.  That's all you need to do!  With the link the winner and loser will be able to personalize their fantasy awards and input their shipping information. 

Of course as the commissioner you may need a more hands on approach! For these instances we give you the option to lock in your design/loser punishments for your league ahead of time.

Once you purchase a VIP package we will send you an optional form to complete where you can specify how much flexibility you would like to allow your league mates in choosing each year.

It's as simple as that!  We will keep you in the loop when your other league mates have completed their personalization and will keep both parties updated throughout the shipping process. 

3) The Best Personalization Options

We want your fantasy football trophy to be as unique as your season.  You can truly make your trophy your own with all the personalization options.

1) Championship Dog Tags - Our trophies and belts are designed to hold personalized dog tags that allow you to choose your favorite color, design, and write your message.  Did I mention that some of our designs allow you to add your face to the tag... how cool is that!

2) Signature Balls - Our trophies are topped with the champion's choice of a white or black signature ball.  These balls look sweet... and we use high quality premium autograph leather that allows the winner to personalize with a custom message.

Our signature balls come with everything you to design and display your masterpiece, including a football kicking tee and four acrylic markers.

Trophies have been using the same name plate design for thousands of years.  

The original process started with cave men who would sharpen a rock to engrave a small slab of aluminum.  Innovative at the time, but fast forward to the 21st century and we are still using that same boring design year after year.

At Week 17 we decided that enough was enough and that fantasy champions deserve more options.

With our dog tags, you can pick your favorite color, design and even slap your mug on it.  Talk about truly being remembered.

I've been in a competitive league with some friends from college for several years and the glue that holds us together year after year is our fantasy football league.  Each year we will meet at a different city to celebrate the fantasy season and watch the Superbowl.

My League

We are spread out over the U.S and we decided to start this company because it was such a pain to update our league trophy each year.

The price for winning the league resulted in having to ship the trophy to the next champion (which could be expensive) and then take a half day off work so you could go to a trophy engraving shop.  

There is a better way to manage the fantasy football season and we want to bring our simplified process to your league