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Our VIP packages save you time and money while allowing you to add a personalized touch to your fantasy football awards. When you preorder the VIP package before Week 8 of the fantasy season (October 31st), you will save 25% off the retail price and be able to put your fantasy football awards...
Coming soon! Estimated to be in stock on December 15th just in time for the fantasy season.  Preorder with our VIP package and save up to 25%. What better way to end the 2021 fantasy season than with one of our signature ball packages.  These balls look sweet and are designed to...
Turn your league loser's car into a billboard to promote just how bad they are at fantasy football.  This I'm a Pretty Girl Themed fantasy loser license plate is the ultimate punishment for sucking at fantasy football. License Plate Details 6.24 OZ, Officially licensed 12" X 6". Made from aluminum for durability...
Football medals are great gift ideas: they’re wearable, small, easy to store and affordable. Your team will have a unified look with these fun custom dog tags that tell the world you won. They come with a ready-to-wear beaded chain so they’d make a perfect giveaway at the next league...

Being the league commissioner, it was a lot of work to manage our fantasy trophy each year. Glad I stumbled across Week 17 and never have to visit the engravings shop again!

- Kevin Jordan -

Our league was getting tired of the same old fantasy football awards. Week 17 offers a ton more personalization options than their competitors and can't wait to add my face to our trophy in 2021!

- Manny Osaseri -

Week 17's loser awards are HILAROUS! I'll make sure I don't finish in last place this year and have to rock those boxers.

- Steve Karendal -
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